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3D plot – Part 4

Different built-in functions to deal with tridimensional graphs.

In this example we make a summarization of the use of the following 3D plot instructions:

•    meshgrid
•    figure
•    contour3
•    mesh
•    surfc
•    surfl

It is better if you've already read Parts 1 to 3. We're plotting exactly the same 3D
data (a function depending on two variables) using several instructions, so the visualization is pretty different from each other.


% cleans the memory workspace
clc; clear; close all;

% defines the range of axes x and y
vx = -3 : 0.1 : 3;
vy = vx;

% generates the powerful grid
[x, y] = meshgrid(vx, vy);

% defines the function to be plotted
z = -10 ./ (3 + x.^2 + y.^2);

% opens figure 1 and plots the function using only contours

% opens figure 2 and draws the function using a mesh

% opens figure 3 and draws the function using surface with contours

% opens figure 4 and draws the function using a enlightened surface
shading interp
colormap hot

The resulting 3D graphics are:

Matlab 3D plot using contour3

3D plot using mesh

3D plot using surfc

3D plot using surl, with shading and colormap

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